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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events


Budapest, Hungary, 2015, April 23


Holografika is a Hungarian venture active in the field of emerging photonic technologies. The company invented and developed a proprietary light-field technology in glasses-free 3D visualization, including real 3D display devices, software applications, cameras and 3D data compression solutions and holds several patents and trademarks.

At Holografika we had 10 girls visiting us, all aged between 13-19 and with a wide spectrum of interests. When asked about why they chose Holografika from the list of possible companies to visit they said that they have heard about Holografika’s display technology from friends or seen 3D movies in the cinema and wondered how it could be done better.

The program included a presentation about the principles of the technology and demonstrations with three different type of holographic displays. The girls were very enthusiastic and curious about how Holografika creates its display technology. They especially enjoyed talking to our engineers about the challenges they face in their everyday work. Originally some girls were more interested in the fine arts but we believe we encouraged them to consider engineering, 3D visualization and media as future career choices.

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