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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

Lemax, iTravel Software

Croatia, 2015, April 23


For the first time in Croatia, Lemax (iTravel Software) organized the Girls in ICT Day under the name "ICT Supergirls 2015" on the 23th of April. Students from local schools participated in this unique experience.

The Day's activities were planned in 3 parts:

1st part: Fun and instructive “Open Day” time at Lemax where students saw all departments and employees, ask questions and get to know company's working culture.

Lemax women from different departments also hold short presentations about their experiences. After the presentations, students had the chance to introduce themselves and to communicate with Lemax woman that encouraged them and answered all questions that they gad regarding choosing the Faculty, managing activities and work, balancing private and business life, etc. Lemax team has shown how technology is everywhere and how it can be used as a potential.

2nd part: There was 6 guest speakers from leading Croatian women entrepreneurs and women role models from the local ICT sector. They have shown their journey from scratch to success and motivated students to be brave and have courage to make a step further.

3rd part: Interactive quiz and award winning contest where students tested their knowledge in IT.

Between all parts students had the possibility to spend time with the Lemax team and with the guests, playing ping-pong, table football and much more.

The goal was to motivate and encourage the younger female population in Croatia to take ICT fields into account when applying for college education, as well as imagining their future work place in technology, not only occupations that are traditionally considered "female" (as girls are often lead to).

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