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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

O.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunication

Odesa, Ukraine, 2015, April 24


Every year on the fourth Thursday of the fourth month the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) celebrates the International Day "Girls in ICT", the purpose of which is to inform girls and women about the possibilities of professional development in the field of information technology, where technology is a tool for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women .

And O.S. Popov Odessa national academy of telecommunications like no other, tied to information and communication technologies.

April 24, 2015 The Academy of telecommunications hold its traditional beauty and intelligence contest "Star of the Academy - 2015". This day, we deservedly appreciate the interests and strengths of women, and encourage them to develop in the field of information and communication technologies.

In this regard, one of the nominations of our competition we called "Girls in ICT". To determine the winner of this part of competition our contestants prepared a speech, devoted to one of the important directions of the International Telecommunication Union

1. Alina Gasenko “Anonymity on the Internet”

2. Olga Zabornaya “The benefits and dangers of social networking”

3. Karina Derish “How to keep literacy during the communication on the Internet? What is the impact of Internet slang for spoken language?”

4. Irina Knyish “How to avoid becoming a victim of virtual reality? How much time you can spend on the Internet?”

5. Yuliya Ponomareva “Threats to the life and health from the Internet”

6. Yuliya Romaschenko “What information can be trusted on the Internet?”

7. Anastasiya Sklyaruk “Protect children from viewing of undesirable resources”

8. Anastasiya Yakovenko “What can and what can not be written to the Internet?”

9. Darya Bliznyuk “Rules of netiquette”

10. Anastasiya Kuzmina “Copyright on the Internet and how you can break the law without knowing it?”

After listening to and appreciating all the girls reports, the jury determined the winner of this nomination. Although the task was not easy, as all the girls gave it to the full and perfectly prepared for this part. And the victory was 2nd year student, Scientific

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