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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

​ITU Area Office for CIS

Moscow, Russian Federation, 2015, April 23


Of Regional Videoconference for CIS dedicated to the International Girls in ICT Day and the ITU 150th Anniversary, organized by the ITU Area Office for CIS in cooperation with Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, took place in Moscow, Russian Federation, on 23 April 2015.  

Total number of participants of the videoconference made 93 (including 77 remote participants), who represented 7 CIS countries (Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, and Ukraine), as well as Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (RCC), International Communication Academy, and International Telecommunication Union. 

Since the main objective of the Girls in ICT events is attraction of new female specialists in the ICT sector, the majority of the audience of the videoconference consisted of female students from ICT-specialized universities of the CIS region: Eurasian National University named after Lev Gumilev (Republic of Kazakhstan), Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications (IET) under Kyrgyz State Technical University named after Iskhak Razzakov (Kyrgyz Republic), and Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications (ONAT) named after Alexander Popov (Ukraine). The two letter universities are ITU-D Sector Members. Also, the Communication Administration of the Republic of Moldova took a broad participation in the event. Representatives of the Russian Federation, including the Communication Administration, the Higher School of Economics, OJSC Rostelecom, participated in the videoconference onsite.

Both sessions of the event, dedicated to the Girls in ICT Day and the ITU 150th Anniversary accordingly, were moderated by Mr. Orozobek Kaiykov, Head of the ITU Area Office for CIS.  

At the opening ceremony, greeting speeches were delivered by Ms. Yulia Gutsal, who represented the RCC Executive Committee, and Mr. Orozobek Kaiykov. The official opening was completed with the ITU film, dedicated to the International Girls in ICT Day.

Within the frameworks of Session 1, Ms. Vera Soloveva from the ITU Area Office delivered the ITU presentation, dedicated to the Girls in ICT Day, containing, in particular, some noteworthy statistics relating to female involvement in the ICT sector in different regions of the  world.

A very encouraging presentation was delivered by Ms. Torybay and Ms. Tulpkaliyeva from Eurasian National University named after Lev Gumilev, which was dedicated to practice-oriented training in ICT of female students.

Students of ONAT presented very promising statistics: almost 100% of the ONAT graduates have possibility to find employment by profession. As for gender balance in the ONAT, girls make 95% of students at sociology faculty, 70% of students at economy faculty, and one third of students at radio technical faculty. 

Ms. Anastasia Ositis, President of International Communication Academy, presented her personal experience of successful balancing work and life. Ms. Ositis, who passed all mastery steps as “classical communications man”, now heads the most authoritative telecom society in Russia. 

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