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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

ICT ministry, Digikala company, Mobile communication company of Iran, Shariaty University

Tehran, Iran, 2015, April 28


The first Girls in ICT Day 2015 in Iran was organized by Tehran ICT guild Organization in collaboration with Sharity university, Entrepreneur women national community and IEEE women in engineering on 28th April at Vocational department of Sharity university from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

There were more than 300 participants including female students, professor and entrepreneurs.

The morning session started with Inspirational talk with the topic "Encouraging and promoting girls and young women to study engineering and IT" and "training the specialists which is needed in this area".

The executive organizer in her speech, also followed statistics on employment and activity of women managers in the largest IT companies in the world and said: At present, more than 30% of managerial jobs in top IT companies are women, and the company's strategy for long time to facilitate equal opportunities to develop their career in order to increase women's participation. She mentioned to the limitation of assigning women for IT jobs and management level in the country, she said, it is crucial in our traditional society to inform and introduce IT jobs to attract more women in IT jobs.

1. Mrs. Fariba Mahdioun ( Board member of Iran ICT guild)

2. Mr. Khosrow Saljoghi (Executive Board member of ICT minstry)

3. Mrs. Fatemeh Mohajerani (Dean Vocational of Shariati university)

4. Mrs. M. Nasiri (director of the IEEE Women in engineering)

5. Ms. Sahar Pakseresht ( Winner and ambassador of ITU)

6. Ms. Elahe Asari (Director of marketing and advertising of Gaam electronic company)

7. Ms. Maryam Khavazy (CEO of Aderan company)

We had 3 workshops including:

1. Mobile Application Building , organizer : MCI telecom operator

2. Opportunities in Developing Open source Software :ICT ministry

3. UX design, organizer: DigiKala

And in parallel of workshops, the young talented female who had wined ideas, they were in main hall and presenting their ideas for students. The feedback from participants in event showed us that they were satisfied. They told to ITU ambassador of Iran that they got inspired and motivated by the event and speech of speakers who had shared their entrepreneurship experiences with them. They found out that being successful can happen for anyone. Based on this great feedback the organizer decided to celebrate girls in ICT day ever year in Iran.

You can find the link of news in National Association of women entrepreneur here .

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