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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

​Oracle Academy (Indraprastha International School)

New Delhi, India, 2015, April 23


We, here at Indraprastha International School celebrated ‘International Girls in ICT Day’ on 23 April, 2015. All most 51 girls from classes IX-XII participated in the event with great enthusiasm and zeal. The session entitled “Gaming and programming with Alice” was a great success. We learnt many basics of the software in prior training sessions given by our teacher and mentor Mrs. Taruna Mongia .It was fun making ‘Six Fishes Swim Together’ using Alice.  By the end of the session, many of the girls had not only made fishes swim and use of timer and score to create simple game. After the event we have made games like treasure hunt, finding objects, spot the difference etc.

An inspiring presentation by Ms.Lakshmi Venkatakrishnan on importance and future of Technology. She has also given a glanced on the issues how can a girls will be able to cope up and balance their family and career.

An informative presentation by Ms. Sujata Madhav chandran On careers in ICT for girls. She has given number of areas where girl students can achieve their name and fame in the field of ICT. She has introduced some famous personality who has achieved a level in the field of ICT.

 “The thrill of trying something new, something big, something challenging is loved by us” and keeping with this spirit we all thank ORACLE Academy and its mentors for starting with this initiative to make not only girls self-dependent, but also ‘The Leaders of Tomorrow’.

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