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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

Fajir Society for Relief and development

Gaza, Palestine, 2015, April 23


Fajir Society for Relief and development in Gaza has gained a fund from Paltel group to implement a project entitled with " girls for ICT 2015 " , the project idea based on the International Girls in ICT Day initiative. Through a project we implement series of activities that aim to raise awareness about the importance of ICT in engaging girls in the labor market in addition to encourage girls to enter this career. The project targeted girls in secondary schools and universities in Gaza strip. Below are the main activities which was implemented during the project duration which was began in 8/3/2015:

1- Implementing series of awareness seminars in the female secondary schools in Gaza strip about the role of ICT in expanding job opportunities for girls in labor market and how can girls select their right career. The total number of the targeted beneficiaries was 3080 girls.

2- Organizing an ICT competition between 17 of female secondary schools in Gaza strip , the competition was a part of our initiative to encourage students to collect more information about the ICT sector.

3- Holding " 7 days for ICT" event at 6 universities in Gaza strip , this event contain number of awareness sessions about social media, ICT in labor , success stories for entrepreneurs girls and their experience in establishing their own SMEs. In addition to organizing an ICT graduation projects exhibition which present 19 graduation projects for 27 graduates.

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