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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

Saudi Lady Geek

Taif, Saudi Arabia, 2015, April 23


There are a lot of Saudi Geek Girls in Saudi Arabia, but there is no any group that organizes the courses and sharing knowledge between them especially there are traditional culture that don’t allow the girls to go in boys events. However, Saudi boys have many groups that develop their knowledge and they organize many technical events. Therefore, I am the founder of Saudi Lady Geek Group (www.saudiladygeek ). This group for any Saudi women who are interested in Computer and technologies. We did many courses online and office at Taif University. Most of our events is in Arabic Language as well the website because most of the girls prefer Arabic than English.

This year, we celebrated the International Girls in ICT Day 2015 at Taif University in Saudi Arabia. We did Four events to celebrate that are:

1- Around 83 students who study Web System Course at Taif University worked together as a group to design 22 websites. All these websites are related to girls in ICT. All the 22 groups designed their posters about their websites and they try to share their websites between the students. Each group presented their website to all the attendances.

2- We invited Three Saudi Girls Students who study outside Saudi Arabia and ask them to share their knowledge and experiences about studying ICT outside Saudi Arabia.

3- We did a course that explains where any students can develop their research skills in Saudi Arabia, and what the steps for any students to make their websites and app. available in the markets.

4- At the end, we selected the best three websites for Web Geek Prize.

The registration for the events was online using eventbrith and all 600 attendees receive their certificates after the events. To read more about these event, please see this link.

After the events, we were on the Saudi Newspapers, the following links show some of them:

You can visit our website to see our activities (, also we have our accounts on different social networks like (twitter, face book, snapshot and instagram), all of them have the same name (saudiladygeek).

About me:

I am a Assistant professor in Taif University, Saudi Arabia , and I am a Visitor Researcher in Web and Internet Lab in University of Southampton, UK.I am completed my Master and PhD from University of Southampton in UK. I invented FingerID system that enables Internet users to maintain distributed systems using a scan of their fingerprint as a password. I received many global and local awards. I have published more than 20 papers and books in reputed journals and international conferences. Moreover, I am serving as an editorial board member of reputed journals. For more information about me, please visit my CV: