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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

Alfa Managed by Orascom Telecom  

Beirut, Lebanon, 2015, May 07


Alfa celebrates International Girls in ICT Day for the third year with the participation of female students from several schools who competed on technological innovation

On the occasion of “the International Girls in ICT Day,” an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) initiative, Alfa, managed by Orascom Telecom, organized for the third year a tour in the company offices for female students from several Lebanese schools. The visit included an interactive discussion with the women in the Alfa team as well as technological innovation competitions.

Alfa seeks through this initiative to encourage girls who are about to start university to pursue studies in the ICT field by informing them about the various employment opportunities available to them in the sector.

Alfa CEO and Chairman Marwan Hayek commended the students on their creative abilities and their passion for technology, noting that “there are promising job opportunities for women in the ICT sector”. He added, “Our role as a responsible corporation requires from us to contribute in guiding the younger generation toward these opportunities and allow them to engage actively in the sector”. Hayek also said, “Alfa provides equal job opportunities to all segments of society and believes that women need to participate in the massive development taking place in the ICT field. It is therefore not surprising that women make up nearly half of the company’s total staff and that they are in charge of major tech tasks”.

The celebration day included a tour for the female students in Alfa’s main tech departments that aimed to inform the students about how to operate the network and how to technologically develop the various projects and services as well as their methods of implementation. It also included a detailed explanation of the nature of work in these sections by female managers and employees at Alfa, allowing students to interact with the female staff in Alfa.

The event comprised a competition aimed to test the students’ innovation and creativity abilities by asking them to visualize their schools in the year 2050.

About Alfa

Alfa is the first Lebanese mobile network owned by the Republic of Lebanon and managed by Orascom Telecom, Media and Technology (OTMT). Alfa capitalizes on the vast know-how and international expertise of OTMT in order to deliver quality and professional solutions for the mobile sector in Lebanon. On October 25, 2011, Alfa was the first mobile operator to launch 3G+ mobile broadband services in Lebanon. In a new technological achievement, Alfa has become the first operator that launches 4G-LTE commercially in Lebanon on May 15, 2013. Alfa currently serves 1.9 million subscribers and its state of the art network (2G, 3G, 4G LTE) covers 99% of Lebanon. For more information, please visit:

About Orascom Telecom Media and Technology

OTMT is a holding company that has investments in companies with operations mainly in Egypt, North Korea, Pakistan, Lebanon and other North African and Middle-Eastern countries. The activities of OTMT are mainly divided into its GSM, media and technology and cable businesses. The GSM activities include mobile telecommunications operations in Egypt, North Korea and Lebanon. The media and technology division consists of OT Ventures/Intouch Communications Service and the OT Ventures Internet portals and other ventures in Egypt, including LINK Development, ARPU+ and LINKonLINE. The cable business focuses on the management of cable networks

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