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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

Education and Digital Culture Program of TELMEX

Mexico, 2015, April 23


On 23 April, the Programa de Educación y Cultura Digital TELMEX (Education and Digital Culture Program of TELMEX), joined for the fourth consecutive year the celebration of International Day of Girls in ICT in order to promote the digital inclusion of girls and young women informing them about the benefits of being professionally trained in this area. Throughout the day, the Program organized special workshops and conferences where participants learned the advantages and benefits of ICT for their future.

The celebration took place at 66 educative places called Biblioteca Digital TELMEX (TELMEX Digital Library), in its various forms – Casa TELMEX (TELMEX Home), schools, libraries, cultural centers and public spaces- which are located in Mexico wide.

Simultaneously, eight educational activities where given and more than four thousand girls (from 5 to 25 years old) participated. The girls were informed about the importance of women actively involved in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. The activities that took place were: workshops to design a prototype of a sustainable city in 3D and Augmented Reality, Programming and robotics, a workshop for Creating a digital newspaper; an informative Career fair in ICT and video conferences capsules taught by professionals in ICT area.

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