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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre, W.TEC

Lagos, Nigeria, 2015, April 23


The Women's Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) celebrated the Girls in ICT Day on the 23rd - 24th of April, 2015 with Female Youth Corp Members in Lagos State. 65 and 153 female youth Corp members were present respectively on the days. The event held at the NYSC Secretariat Hall, Surulere, Lagos State. It started at 9 a.m. and ended at 4 p.m. on both days.    

The purpose of this programme was to equip recent female graduates from higher institutions useful ICT skills that will help improve their chances of employment and enhance their productivity skills in the workplace as well as in business.

The 2-day development programme was focused on teaching useful ICT & enterprise skills such as Self-awareness and Personal Development, Basic ICT Skills and Computer Applications - Building a CV, Social Media as a significant tool for Career & Business Development, productivity tools - MindMapping for creating Business Portfolios.

Workshops Presentations:

During the course of the event, every participant showed great excitement, listened responsively and asked intelligent questions at all the learning session.

Sessions of the days included:

  • Self-awarness & Personal Development
  • Basic ICT & Computer Application using Ms Word, Ms Excel and Ms PowerPoint
  • Developing a Product Portfolio using Mind-Map
  • Social Media & Internet Tools as a significant tool for career & Business Development
  • Self-awarness & Personal Development: This session was about self-awareness determinants and personal development techniques that will be relevant to participants as a pre-requisite in thw workplace that will increase self-worth and enhance awareness of strengths for relevance in the society.
  • Basic ICT & Computer Application: This practical session taught participants how to represent basic information on tables, charts as well asCV building using using MS productivity Tools.
  • Talks on Entreprenurship ( Interactive Session): The session taught participants on basic steps/considerations to put in place in order to pursue a career path, develop a product portfolio or build up a successful business.
  • Social Media & Internet Tools as a significance for Career & Business Development: The session featured teachings on how to pick the right Social Media tools for business and how these tools help build businesses.

Comments from Participants

Below are samples of responses to the evaluation form received from participants:

Question: Please make general comments about the course or area of improvement.

Feedback from the participants:

Although I had a partial knowledge about ICT before, but after today’s teaching, I have developed zeal to go further on basic ICT programmes. - Onyechi Ifeoma

This course should be made available for university undergraduates and every young woman.

- Opeoluwa Kuye

I love the programme because it has helped to widen my knowledge about ICT and my future

- Onu Felicia

It was really good; I also commend the speakers for making the environment lively . - Anukam Onyinyechi

The sessions were very interactive and I learnt a lot about ICTs as productivity tools. - Onu Felicia

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