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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

​Gender Development Initiative (GENDI), Community Education Advancement of Peace and Development Initiative (CEAPDI) and Initiative for Peace and Comfort (IPC)

Abeokuta, Nigeria, 2015, May 07


Project Objectives: The programme was based on enhancing the knowledge of girls in Information Communication and Technology and how girls can benefit from information communication technology (ICT).

It also aims to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of information and Communication Technologies

Commencement: The Programme commenced at Lokoji Village in Obafemi-Owode Local Government area of Ogun State at 9.00 am with the arrival of the officials of the coordinating Non-Governmental Organisations namely: Gender Development Initiative (GENDI), Community Education Advancement Of Peace And Development Initiative (CEAPDI), and Initiative For Peace And Comfort (IPC).

Goodwill Messages:

Dr. (Mrs.) Oluunmi Ashimolowo from GENDI appreciated the members of the community on how they have been coping in educating the children in the village and its suburb despite the lack of government schools for them. She encouraged community members not to relent in putting pressure on Government with a view of establishing a Primary School for them. She stressed further that Girls in ICT Day is marked globally and hence the collaborative efforts of GENDI, CEAPDI and IPC in educating the young pupils of the school. She also thanked the teacher, Miss. Dahunsi Yetunde for a job well-done and for her tolerance and endurance in the school and on the children

Dr Mrs Onifade said that the whole world is now a global village and there is need for all to embrace ICT irrespective of the age, gender or race. She also stressed the need to carry along our girls and women in the modern day information revolution. She emphasized on the aspect of letting the girls benefit from ICT, she said in the ancient days girls are not allowed to go to school, but now, opportunity abounds for boys and girls to bring out their potentials.

 Mr Sina Adefolahan from CEAPDI said that the project was designed primarily to celebrate the Girls in ICT Day which is celebrated annually on 4th Thursday in April. He said that he was happy because the organizers focused on catching the young girls as the age range of the beneficiaries falls  from 4 to 13. The Knowledge to be gained, he said will forever linger in the memory of the girls. He said further that the Programme is an initiative of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) of which Nigeria is a member and that 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the formation of ITU.

Mr. Lateef Ramoni Makanjuola who is the (Head) Baale of Asaya community said they don’t have enough school in their community, and moreover the schools they have is far from the communities. He said that because of the long distance involved in getting to school by their children, some of the girls becomes victims of rape, snake bites and are also prone to various forms of hazards on the way to the school which is very far. He said that the teachers they have been employing have not been staying long due to the inability of the community to foot a tangible bill for the payment of their salaries. He stressed further that the only teacher that they have presently in Asaya Lokoji school is also planning to leave as she teaches the following classes: Kg 1, Kg 2, Kg 3, Nursery 1, Nursery 2 and Primary 1.

Mr. Lateef Ramoni Makanjuola enjoined the the NGOs present to appeal to the government on their behalf so that Government will come to their aid in the establishment of a Primary School, he also said they have about ten (10) villages in Asaya community  namely: Lokoji, Olosan, Lopo, Mosadomi, Agewe and Baala amongst others.

Professor Olufemi Sunday Onifade from (IPC) stressed the importance of ICT in the modern day and how it has contributed to the advancement of knowledge in the world today,


TECHNICAL SESSION: This session was facilitated by Dr Ashimolowo Bunmi, Dr Onifade and Mr Sina Adefolahan.

The session started with Dr (Mrs.) Olubunmi Ashimolowo urging the girls to recite a poem, she also sing along with them and also show them a movie from the laptop.

Items on display for the girls include: Lap-top computers, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Computer monitors, DVD, CDs, Flash Drive, Internet modem, Computer Keyboard, I-pad, Phone sets, printers, projectors, Digital Cameras, Cam Coders amongst others.

The pupils were introduced to the various items displayed. There was also an assessment session on the items brought to mark the ICT Day. Thereafter, the students were made to operate laptops, hand-sets, I-pads, etc. The students were delighted to handle the items brought.

At the end of the session, most of the girls that were trained on the use of the ICT  materials said they were motivated with the practical application of the ICT materials and that this has endeared them to learn about ICT in future as a career.


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