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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

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West Pokot, Kenya, 2015, April 23


West Pokot-Kenya, ICT Boot Camp

We held a one-week boot camp from April 23- April 30, 2015. This training was tailored for young girls who had just finished their high school training awaiting transition into colleges, held in the WestPokot county-Kenya, St. Elizabeth Girls School.

The girls are accommodated in a rescue centre that was set up to protect girls from cultural practices such as early marriages and female genital mutilation (FGM).

This year, being a first for the 100 girls, we held the event, for 1 week, where we did a breakdown of mini topics touching on ICT.

We were able to cover several topics spread out over the 1 week, where we lined up sessions, with a focus on:-

  • Digital Media
  1. How to use Windows media player
  2. Photography
  3. How to make videos
  • ICT careers & opportunities
  • Hardware assembly
  • Internet & Email
  • Technology tools
  • Presentation/pitching

Being a marginalized part of Kenya, with little or no access to the internet, it took creating the emails a whole mere 3 days but the girls successfully created emails accounts.

It was theory learning with a hands-on practical on digital media and hardware

The girls completed the 1-week program with a more in-depth knowledge of ICT and realizing concepts which were briefly touched on in their current ongoing ICT class at the school.

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