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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

Winnie Kirimi, Charity Kinanu and Doreen Nkirote Koome

Meru County, Kenya, 2015, April 23


We organized the event, in which Winnie, a lecturer in KeMU Cisco academy, Charity lab technician and Doreen, student went and taught MCK Kaaga children home basics of using a computer, Google products for education and personal skills. The response was great as the young girls were very determined to learn and after the event most of the girls who had made a decision to do other courses like business administration, law they were now interested in pursuing information technology and majority requested we be going there often and teach them programming.

 We were accompanied by kemu students who also volunteered to help in facilitating.  The event started in the morning at 9 am and ended at 6pm. The boys in the children home also joined to learn and it was a successful day and we promised them to be holding the event and celebrating Girls in ICT.

It was amazing how they knew little of IT and we are glad we participated in Girls in ICT and left an impact on these children.

We are now looking for ways to assist them attain computers for learning so that instead of paying to learn packages , the organizers we agreed to be offering the skills for free.

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