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International Girls in ICT Day 2014 events


Global, 2014, April 24​​

The International Girls in ICT day was held on Thursday, April 24th, and Intel celebrated Girls in ICT Day worldwide by participating in multiple events and activities. 

Europe, Middle East and Africa: Intel sponsored The Pink Cloud thought leadership event in Rome, Italy. Microsoft, Intel, ASUS, Avanade, Telecom Italia, and a number of organizations including ITU, UN Women, UNESCO and local groups collaborated on the event to provide girls and young women with hands-on exposure to STEM and women leaders in the technology industry in order to encourage them to consider careers in STEM and ICT.

  • Results: More than 700 high school girls and young women in universities participated in the event across three days.  The event opened with a press conference and then featured "Ted-like talks" where Suzanne Fallender of CAG/GSIM delivered an inspirational talk to the young women on the topic of navigating career paths and how they can have a positive impact on society through technology careers. The Intel EMEA team members (including Nicola Procaccio, Carlo Parmeggiani, Silvia Invernici, Francesca Paolini, Brendan Cannon, Francesco Baldassari, Alessandra Padovani, and Fabiana Parisi) engaged with the participants, presented in a number workshops and press activities, and supported the "Pink Hackathon" at the event. Intel also organized a screening of Girl Rising.  The event provided a unique opportunity to highlight Intel's leadership in advancing education and technology innovation and how investments in these areas can help address employability challenges in the country and region, particularly for young women.

Latin America: Intel Costa Rica hosted girls on site to provide training and an overview of how chips are made. Sandra Cauffman from NASA also provided an inspirational talk to the students.

  • Results: In Colombia, safety online training was provided and led by 8 volunteers reaching 100 girls. In Costa Rica, the Girls in ICT event was  organized by WIN and included dignitaries,  NASA Costa Rican Engineer, Sandra Cauffman, and the Minister of Science and Technology , Alejandro Cruz. Approximately, 12 Intel volunteers participated and the event reached more than 40 girls.

Asia Pacific: Intel Thailand participated in a Girls in ICT event on April 24th hosted by the ITU Regional Office for Asia-Pacific, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of Thailand (MICT), and other partners to discuss the need to have more girls and young women join the ICT sector. The event speakers included Ms. Supinya Klangnarong, Commissioner of National Broadcast and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC), Mrs. Songporn Komolsuradej, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Thailand, Ms. Roberta Clarke, Regional Director, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and Representative in Thailand, Dr. Tatsanai Wongpisethkul, Director, Office of the Thailand Knowledge Park, Office of the Knowledge Management and Development, Office of the Prime Minister, and a video message from ITU Secretary-General  Dr. Hamadoun Touré.  Also in attendance was Ms. Nicole da Silva, Champion for the Australian National Committee for UN Women.

United States: Intel Arizona provided middle school students with hands on activity and exposure to women in STEM careers to over 700 middle school girls.

  • 741 Middle School Girls (50% from high poverty schools) were mentored and supported for the day by 317 HS girls from Xavier College Prep Academy, in a "near peer" mentoring model through 81 unique hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) activities for girls hosted by girls!
  • What the middle school girls said:
    • 82% are inspired to work harder in school to make a difference in STEAM!
    • 67% are interested in participating in a club or camp to learn more about STEAM!
    • 90% said Girls Have IT Day provided me with opportunities to explore new ideas – and we know this is a marker for successful educational environments for girls
  • What the high school girls said:
    • 80% reported that Girls Have IT Day made them more interested in studying STEAM in college
    • 92% said they learned something interesting
    • 93% said Girls Have IT Day gave them opportunities for leadership and exploration of new ideas

In addition to the events listed above, Intel and National Center of Women in IT (NCWIT) hosted a 45 minute tweet-a-thon to raise awareness about and empower young women to consider degrees and careers in ICT. This was held on Thursday, April 24th, from 4-4:45PM PST.  Intel Leaders, Kimberly Stevenson, Rose Schooler, Bev Crair and Barbara McAllister participated and the tweet a thon was moderated by @intelinvolved, Shanna Cook.

  • Results: The tweet a thon was a huge success.  Intel Senior STEM Leaders shared their raw and enriching experiences of persisting in STEM and ICT Careers.
  • Twitter Stats: 168 posts, 98 users, 1,055,239 reach and 5,341,241 impressions
  • Conversation was trending in the United States based on volume and activity.

Top Tweets from Tweet A Thon (based on reach and RT's):

Barb McAllister Whye @bhmcalli

Thanks for joining #AskGirlsinICT; educate a girl; she'll transform the world; educate her in #stem and she'll make you a new world.

Ashoka Changemakers @changemakers

A5: Embrace failure & don't fear trying. Some of the most failing ideas are one iteration away from brilliance #AskGirlsinICT #Failforward

Rose Schooler @RoseSchooler

A8: STEM coursework is hard. Life is hard. But life is a marathon - not a sprint. Don't let a bad sprint ruin your marathon. #AskGirlsinICT

Stay_With_It @Stay_With_It

@Intelinvolved We remind them that a #STEM degree opens so many doors and that they CAN do it, despite tough classes! #AskGirlsinICT

bcrair @bcrair

Q8: It gets better! Find your network, and leverage it. Take time to find the things that feed your soul, and keep at it. #AskGirlsinICT

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