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International GIrls in ICT Day 2014 events

​Galicia Supercomputing Centre

Galicia, Spain, 2014, April 24​

Galicia Supercomputing Centre in cooperation with Comenius initiative ICT-Go-Girls! ( is celebrating Girls in ICT Day 2014.

From the Galicia region in Spain, 4 female ICT entrepreneurs will participate in a live talk, where there will be a group of students (30-40) attending face 2 face, and more than 400 students from secondary schools in Galicia connected through multiconference. These women will present their experiences to the students, and there will be an open round of questions from both face to face students and those connected through videoconference.


The event will be hosted by the Secretary of Gender Issues, with participation of the Director of ICT Modernisation in Galicia, and a representative from the Ministry of Education. The professional association of Computer Science Engineers in the region and the University of Santiago de Compostela will also participate in this event.

In addition to the 4 female entrepreneurs in ICT, there will be messages from female managers in ICT industry in Spain, including HP, Siemens, Fujitsu and IBM directors.

Besides these messages, a collection of 10 videos from women in ICT with various profiles (entrepreneurs, computer professors, computer researchers, etc.) is available here.

For more information check the event page and ICT-Go-Girls Facebook.

Additional document: ​​agenda cesga galicia spain 2014.pdf