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International GIrls in ICT Day 2014 events

​​​​Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações​

Lisbon, Portugal, 2014, April 24​

Portugal joined the celebrations of Girls in ICT Day 2014 by carrying out two initiatives at Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações | Museu das Comunicações (FPC | MC).

During March and April, schools, colleges and universities created digital works about two issues: What is the impact of the digital revolution for the professions in the future? and Is it important to increase the number of women working in the ICT sector towards a sustained development of the world?

All the digital works were appreciated through Facebook and by a panel of judges.

On 24th of April, a Debate about the above two issues was held at FPC main building, moderated by Margarida Sá Costa (President of Lide MULHER Portugal) and with the participation of a panel of people working in different ICT areas: Consultant services in Information Systems, Journalism, Art and Education (University).

At the opening session, the Portuguese Communications Regulator - ANACOM, represented by the Director of Information and Consumers Department, emphasized the participation of the schools, colleges and universities in the competition raised by FPC and also their presence in the Debate. It was mentioned the increased number of jobs in the ICT area compared with the decreasing of the employment in many other sectors of the economy.  However there still exists a disparity between women and men working in ICT and it is important to work harder on the equality of recruitment conditions and career promotion between gender (young female and young male).

Along the debate the audience had the opportunity to watch some videos about ICT Girls and different points of view and experiences related to the Day and a video with all the digital works from the competition.

The panel also discussed the importance of the digital era we live in and the new professions that are bound to appear in the next decades, such as human organs designer, clouds manager, spatial tourist guide, among many others. In addition, some new initiatives in the ICT sector were presented by Catholic Business School (Digital Marketing and the Banking sector on Facebook). 

ICT issues in the different generations, its influence in the family life versus work environment, teleworking and other realities, were shared with the students present in the session. 

At the end of the afternoon, the competition winners from schools and colleges were announced and the prizes (from the group of sponsors of the event) were delivered.

The President of Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, José Luís Almeida Mota, closed the Girls in ICT Day 2014. 

The winners of the competition were (Digital Works are presented below):

  • Most inspiring teacher: Júlio Marques
  • Elementary School Winner (1ºciclo): Na vanguarda das tecnologias - Escola Básica e Jardim de Infância Amoreira 2 – Alcabideche
  • Elementary School Winner (3ºciclo): Comunicação, União, Igualdade, Tecnologia -Agrupamento de Escolas Professor Armando de Lucena
  • High School Winner: Be a different kind of woman - Escola Secundária João Gonçalves Zarco
  • Professional School Winner: Girls in ICT - Escola Profissional Bento de Jesus Caraça
  • Facebook winner: A sociedade está destruída/Society is broken - Escola Secundária D. João II 

Sponsors: PT|Moche; Fundação PT; Bold; CITE; Closer; CE-CPLP; LIDE MULHER Portugal; Sapo; SAPO MULHER; SAPANA; Católica Business School; Olhares; Um pequeno gesto; Subvértice; Casa da Comida; FCT; Internet Segura; IADE; SDD; GetSocial; RTP

Video links:

Safe Internet:

New professions in the future:

FPC at the RTP1 (main Portuguese channel):

For more information:​​​​

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