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International GIrls in ICT Day 2014 events

​HP Information Technology Ltd​

Budapest, Hungary, 2014, April 24​

Hewlett-Packard Information Technology Ltd hosted the Girls in ICT Day 2014 event for the first time at their main office in Budapest, Hungary. 

After the girls arrived they were welcomed by the HR Manager, who introduced the company shortly, then the real program began.

First, the girls had a chance to listen to 2 colleagues at HP. Both of them were female engineers, who introduced their career paths and also demonstrated for example how a switch works.

The major part of the event was a group activity. A "project game" was prepared for the girls where they could try themselves out. They were given a task to "build" a web application for an online book reseller. They could use laptops and printers, flipcharts etc. provided in the room. At the end they needed to choose one or two of them to present their findings. With this activity HP aimed to show the girls how many persons and how much work needs to be involved in the creation of an application, so as users, they just only need to click here and there while visiting a webpage.

At the closing of the event the girls were asked how they felt about the event. HP ensured that the girls understand how important their career choice is and also provided them with updates on the current job market. Therefore, they would know what to expect in the future as female engineers inside of an IT company.

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