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International Girls in ICT Day 2014 events

​​Oracle Academy - New Delhi​

New Delhi, India, 2014, April 03​

Oracle Academy organized the Computer Science Day for Girls of Kendriya Vidyalayas. This event has specially been crafted for girl students in high schools, focusing on the importance of Computer Science education and the careers available to them as they graduate from High School and progress towards college.  We invited 60 girls students from class 10 and the concerned computer faculty.

The agenda for the day was;

  • Career mentoring in the field of Computer Science : Interaction with Vandana Shenoy, Director Corporate Communication, Oracle Women Leadership and Geet Singh, Marketing Manager ,Oracle Academy.
  • Hands on  training on Alice 3.1

What is Alice: Alice is a  3D educational software developed at Carnegie Melon University with the support from Oracle. This software is used by schools to teach animation and create simple educational games. By dragging and dropping graphic tiles containing standard programming statements, students develop programs that animate 3D objects that populate a virtual world. In the process, they sharpen their logical thinking and problem solving techniques. They also grasp basic object oriented programming terminology and concepts such as procedure definition, algorithms, functions and conditional statements. It enables a new way to think and learn by populating virtual worlds intelligently, breaking problem statements into small tasks, and drawing up algorithmic expressions which help in problem solving.

Outcomes of the event:

  • Awakened interest in Computer Science as a field of study and as a promising career option
  • Familiarized them with various career options in Computer Science  like programmer,DBA,Systems Engineer, Graphic Designer etc
  • An appreciation that CS skills transcend most 21st century professions and are fundamental to college and career readiness
  • Insight into how to build a strong resume from early years by developing technical skills

About KVS - KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN - a premier organization in India administering 1093 schools as on 01.04.2014 known as ''Kendriya Vidyalayas'' with 11,21,012 students as of 31.03.2013 and 56,445 employees on rolls as of 01.10.2012. Since inception in 1965, the Kendriya Vidyalayas (Central Schools) have come to be known as centres of excellence in the field of secondary and senior secondary education promoting national integration and a sense of ''Indianness'' among the children while ensuring their total personality development and academic excellence.

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