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International Girls in ICT Day 2014 events

​National Information Communication Technology Council, Ministry of Communication, Works and Labour​

Brades, Montserrat, 2014, April 24​​​

Sponsors: Government of Montserrat, MNI Networks, Fortinet, LIME, LavaBits, Golden Media, Montserrat Volcano Observatory.

A pre- workshop for the Girls was organized and held during the week of 24th March – 28th March 2014. Mr Andre Crichlow, Media Specialist of Trinidad and Ms Nerissa golden of Golden Media, Montserrat provided tutoring for the Girls as to how to tell stories using the Smart Devices. Over 200 girls from the primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels of the Education system benefitted from the knowledge skills and experiences shared during this Pre-activity. Some of the students went on to prepare Movies and PowerPoint presentations and the most outstanding presentations were given awards on Girl in ICT Day at a brief closing ceremony April 24th 2014. Prizes include: IPhone, IPAD, Tablet, Kindle, speakers and USB Flash drives, Monetary Gift Vouchers totaling $100.00 each.

On Girl in ICT Day 2014, one hour presentations were done at the various Primary and Secondary School by prominent ICT partners on the island (mentioned above as sponsors) so as to encourage the culture of ICT use among the Girls and expose them to ICT innovations that are possible. The girls from a Private school (Light House Academy) were taken to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory where the Technology is used to Monitor the Volcanic activity and they were educated, shown the uses and benefit of the technology there.