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International Girls in ICT Day 2014 events

​National Frequency Management Unit - Berbice​

New Amsterdam, Berbice, Guyana, 2014, April 08​​​​​​

Over 250 girls were participants in the first ever Tech Day Camp organized by the NFMU in celebration of International Girls in ICT Day.

The event featured presentations by leading female ICT professionals, a Q&A segment and interactive booths which featured various aspects of ICTs:

  • Networking and Computer Repairs
  • Algorithm & Program Development
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • ICTs 4 Development
  • Cyber Security

Girls were enthused by the presentations of the ICT professionals. They were interested in how they could protect themselves online and how ICTs could apply to varying professions. Additionally, the girls wanted information on what is required to start an ICT career.

The participants were encouraged to like the "Girls in ICT Guyana" Facebook page and post questions and comments all year round.

At the booths girls were surprised at how easy it was to set up a computer system and how exciting writing an algorithm could be. They challenged each other to see who could solve simple problems, such as adding 2 numbers, in the least number of steps.

The female teachers who accompanied the girls were also very interested in the presentations and requested that the team visit individual schools and educate both students and staff on the power and impact of ICTs. Of particular interest to the teachers was the development of the programming skills for both students and staff members.

Members of the team made note of the queries and in applicable cases pointed participants to online resources that could be helpful to them.

Perhaps the most notable outcome of the event was the friendships that were forged. Not only did female ICT professionals bond with young girls of New Amsterdam but many of them are now in contact via social media and other electronic means of communication. Also a sense of comradery and renewed commitment to the cause of encouraging Girls in ICT was created among the ICT professionals.

Event Sponsors: National Frequency Management Unit, E Government Guyana, One Laptop Per Family Project

Tokens: Digicel, GT&T, Computrain, E-Networks, Vishnu Panday and Associates

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