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International Girls in ICT Day 2013 events


Webinar: "Unpacking Gender and Mobile Learning: Global Experiences", 2013, April 22

Unpacking Gender and Mobile Learning: Global Experiences was an internationally-focused webinar held on Monday 22 April 2013 in support of ITU's Girls in ICT Day. The webinar was hosted by Ronda Zelezny-Green in conjunction with the International Association for Mobile Learning (IAmLearn). More than 30 participants joined the webinar, which provided an overview of the gender and mobile learning landscape with perspectives from around the globe

Presentations were given by Ronda Zelezny-Green (Kenya), Leslie Dodson (Morocco), Alexandra Tyers (Bangladesh), and Merel Van der Woude (Afghanistan). Dr. Özlem Ozan also presented in absentia on experiences from Turkey via Ronda Zelezny-Green. The aim was to help participants understand how gender and mobile learning intertwine, as well as to raise awareness of the issues that exist with gendered access and use of mobile technology for educational purposes. 

An outcome of the webinar was a consensus that as mobile learning initiatives continue to proliferate, there will be a need to address barriers including culture, language and literacy, perception of the value of learning with mobile devices, and the opportunity for women to participate in the design of their mobile learning experiences.​​​

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