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International Girls in ICT Day 2013 events

​​​​International Telecommunication Union

Moscow, Russia, 2013, April 25​

In April 2013, within the framework of the celebrations of International day "Girls in ICT" in A.S. Popov Odessa national academy of telecommunications 2 events were held.

On April 19, in the contest "Star of academy and Mister of academy" 7 boys and 7 girls from the academy took part. This represented the new nomination for "Girl in ICT".

As part of the selection process to nominate the "Girl in ICT", students had to givetheir own opinion about the following ICT problems:

  1. ICT and climate changing
  2. ICT usage for people lives safety
  3. ICT usage in education
  4. Cyber security
  5. Child protection in the Internet space
  6. Negotiation of digital gap
  7. Development of the technologies and networks of the next generations
  8. Woman role in the ICT development

The winner of the nomination "Girl in ICT" was a course student of the  "Infocommunication networks" faculty Anastasia Kan. She surprised jury members and viewers with her speech about ICT and climate changing

The prize for the winner was awarded by the Head of ITU regional office for CIS countries, Mr Kaiykov Orozobek Jazybaevich.

The programme of the contest & show of the Center for humanities and development also consisted in student's collective dancing, which was headed by Dmitryi Gordienko, and performed for the guests, students and staff of the academy (more than 300 people).

On April 25, 50 students of A.S. Popov ONAT and participants of the All-Ukrainian olympiad in "Telecommunications" from more than 10 Ukrainian universities took part remotely in the seminar for CIS region devoted for International day "Girls in ICT", which was organized by ITU regional office for CIS countries

In this framework, students had the possibility listen interesting reports of ITU regional office and UNESCO experts, and also to communicate with representatives of other CIS countries about formation and developing of perspectives for girls to work in the infocommunicational sphere in the modern conditions. ​​

Additional document: report_girls_in_ict_odessa_russia 2013.doc

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