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Girls in ICT Day Visual Resources

​​​​​​​​Girls in ICT Day Visual Resources

Here you will find visual resources for promoting your Girls in ICT Day event. There are banners for use on social media; files for printing​ posters, banners, and a photo call; and customizable visuals in PPT format. 

For each resource, there are two versions to choose from: this year's edition (with the date: 25 April 2019), and the generic version (without a date).

 Resources in Français​, Español​, Русский, 中文, and ربي are also available.   


 ​2019 edition​Cover photo (1920 x 1080)    ​Profile (180 x 180)​Newsfeed (1080 x 1080)
 ​Generic​Cover photo (1920 x 1080)   ​ Profile (180 x 180)​Newsfeed (1080 x 1080)



 2019 editionCover photo (1500 x 500)    ​​Profile (400 x 400)Newsfeed (1200 x 628)
 Generic​​Cover photo (1500 x 500)​    Profile (400 x 400)​​Newsfeed (1200 x 628)



2019 edition​Logo (1080 x 1080)
​​GenericLogo (1080 x 1080)


Horizontal banner

2019 edition​Banner (2019)
Generic​Banner (no date)



​2019 editionPoster (2019)
​Generic​Poster (no date)


2019 editionRoll-up (2019)

Customizable PPT



My name is... and I want to be...