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ICT career fairs

One of the reasons why girls don't choose careers in ICT is that they often lack knowledge about the various kinds of jobs ICTs offer. Girls in ICT Day is a great opportunity to change this by showcasing various ICT professions and widening girls' knowledge about the field. Invite ICT professionals to local schools or other places where girls can meet and freely talk with them. Make sure to include a wide variety of professions and as many female professionals as possible. For example, in Rwanda, the event organized by Girls in ICT Rwanda began with girls visiting several "career stations", where they met technology professionals including a computer programmer, a Computer-generated imagery (CGI) artist and a wearable electronics designer. In Kenya, at an event by AkiraChix, girls got a taste of what work in the different fields of tech entailed by rotating between six stations focusing on design, entrepreneurship, software development, User Experience (UX) research, tech writing and robotics. You can also present schools and colleges that offer ICT programs and invite ICT related research centers to showcase their latest research.