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Toolkit and Global Standard for safe listening devices and systems

​​​​​​​​​​Toolkit for safe listening devices and systems ​

This toolkit provides practical guidance to support Member States, industry partners and civil society g​roups in the use an​d implementation of th​​​e​ WHO-ITU H.870 Global standard on safe listening devices and systems. ​
Download ​the t​​oolkit in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian​ and Spanish


Safe listening devices and systems: a WHO-ITU global standard

​​​This document outlines the key features and requirements that personal audio systems must have in order to facilitate safe listening practices among users. It is based on the WHO-ITU​​ Global standard for safe listening devices and systems, as set out in the ITU-T H.870 guidelines for safe listening devices.  ​

Read more about the standard.​​

See the ITU-T H.870 guidlines for safe listening devices/systems​​​ (in English, Chinese, Spanish, and French) here​.​

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