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Knowledge development

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Knowledge development in digital inclusion topics​

​​On this page you will find all of the key resources for knowledge development in digital inclusion created by the ITU-D Digital Inclusion Programme, including an array of online courses, video tutorials, and blended training programmes.

Internet for @ll: National Programme in Web Accessibility

This programme empowers countries with the necessary know-how to ensure that all citizens, including persons with disabilities and older users​​, are able to access public online information products and services. 

Please see here for more information.

ICT Accessibility: the Key to Inclusive Communication

This self-paced online course will develop the learner's understanding of ICT accessibility​, in particular related policies, regulations, technology trends and public procurement rules. 

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Web Accessibility: the Cornerstone of an Inclusive Digital Society

​The learner will develop an overall understanding of the main issues relating to web accessibility, including: web accessibility policy development, the creation of accessible digital content, the evaluation of level of accessibility of the websites, principles related to the design and development of accessible websites and maintenance of accessible websites, in line with the international standards related to web accessibility.​

Please see here for more information.​

Video tutorials on creating accessible digital documents

These tutorials explain why digital documents should be accessible and how to create accessible documents. By the end of these tutorials, learners will know how to create accessible documents in Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF formats, and how to remediate inaccessble documents. 

Access the video tutorials here.



Public Procurement of Accessible ICT Products and Services

​This online course provides learners with the knowledge and skills required to specify accessibility for persons with disabilities in the public procurement of information and communication technology (ICT) products and services. It enables learners to address accessibility during all stages of the public procurement process, and provides a comprehensive overview of the relevant international standards for accessible ICT.​

Available upon request. Visit the ITU Academy for more information.​​ITU_Academy_Logo.png



Innovative Communication Tools for the Strengthening of Indigenous Communities with a Special Focus on How to Develop, Manage, and Operate an Indigenous Radio Network

This training programme aims to build the ICT-related technical capacities of Indigenous Peoples to run local communication networks in a self-sustaining manner. The acquired skills will expand their knowledge on the use of ICTs in digital content creation, web design and network development, and on the development of emergency alert systems, thus empowering participants and their communities.

Please see here for more information. (Spanish)

Training Programme for Technical Promoters in Indigenous Communities for the Generation, Development and Maintenance of Communication and Broadcasting Network Technologies​

In order to ensure the self-sustainability of Indigenous communities’ networks, this additional course trains technicians who will be able to provide the technical support to ensure the maintenance of these radio networks. It is a blended training programme that incorporates 5 online courses with hands-on training to transfer concrete knowledge and ends with 1 face-to-face training camp for validation of knowledge.

Please see here for more information. (Spanish)