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UNODC.jpgIn May 2011, ITU and UNODC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate globally on assisting Member States in mitigate the risks posed by cybercrime with the objective of ensuring secure use of Information and communication technologies. The MoU enables the two bodies to work together on technical assistance to be provided to Member States on cybercrime and Cybersecurity, making available the necessary expertise and resources to facilitate the establishment of legal measures and legislative frameworks at national level, within the principle of international cooperation, for the benefit of all countries in the world.​










UNODC/ITU can provide countries with assessment of institutional capacities and national normative frameworks applicable in the fight against cybercrime. Depending upon the nature of the request and the situation in the country concerned, such reviews can focus on specific aspects (e.g. the capacities of high tech crime units) or be carried out as a full review including all relevant areas of cybercrime prevention, investigation and prosecution.​

Review of Legislation

UNODC/ITU can support countries in developing or strengthening cybercrime legislation. Such support can include identification of applicable provisions in existing legislation, comparative law analysis that compares existing legislation with international and regional best practices, as well as proposals for improvement of legislation through stakeholder consultations and support in legal drafting. UNODC/ITU legislation reviews are usually carried out by a team of local and international experts with the support of both headquarters and field offices.

Technical Assistance

UNODC/ITU provides a number of types of technical assistance. This can range from support in setting up institutional capacities to provision of equipment, software and training for law enforcement agencies. One of the strengths of the UNODC/ITU partnership in this regard is the availability of intensive cooperation with, and support from, industry players that frequently make computer-related tools available free of charge for developing countries. Capacity

Capacity Building

UNODC/ITU provides capacity building and training related to various aspects of cybercrime for different audiences and over a range of timescales. Training sessions can range from a two hour introductory presentation on the global or regional situation of cybercrime to a three week in-depth training course for law enforcement. Such training sessions cover legal as well as technical aspects of fighting cybercrime. UNODC/ITU also works closely with academic institutions that provide certified training and academic degree programs.​