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Top countries best prepared against cyberattacks

​Cyber risks pose a serious threat to governments, economies, businesses and individuals.

Earlier this month, the US Government’s Office of Personal Management was breached and compromised, with the agency announcing that 21.5 million social security numbers were stolen from one source, and 4.2 million from another.

The World Economic Forum’s Partnership for Cyber Resilience is an initiative created in response to the growing importance of cybersecurity. More than 100 organizations are involved – focusing on quantifying the impact of cyber threats.

Companies and governments are increasingly investing in improving their cybersecurity protocols as the frequency of attacks rises. The Norse Attack Map below demonstrates this by showing the sources and targets of cyberattacks taking place in real time around the world.

The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) was created by ABI Research and ITU to measure a country’s level of cybersecurity development.

Below you’ll find the countries best prepared for cyberattacks: