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Regional Cybersecurity Centres

The ITU Regional Cybersecurity Centre (RCC) is a physical centre hosted by an ITU Member State to act as the regional ITU focal point for cybersecurity issues as well as deliver ITU’s cybersecurity services to all partner countries within the agreed regional scope.  

The main objectives of the RCC are to:  
  • strengthen the regional cybersecurity posture and increase the number of cybersecurity initiatives and projects within the region;
  • localize ITU’s cybersecurity services to better fit the regional needs and requirements as well as language and cultural requirements; 
  • build and strengthen regional collaboration in cybersecurity issues; 
  • construct a global network of Regional Cybersecurity Centres that will assist in building a truly global cooperation on cybersecurity issues and contribute to the global culture of cybersecurity. 

An ITU Regional Cybersecurity Centre (RCC) is a key component of a regional and global approach to cybersecurity and is a solid building block onto which other cybersecurity related activities can be linked. The establishment of a RCC, and development of related processes on the national and regional level, can also serve as a foundation for the development of the following activities: 
  • ​building a knowledgebase that supports the region’s development and implementation of cybersecurity strategies as well as approaches for the  protection of critical information infrastructures; 
  • supporting the building of a regional culture of cybersecurity and related awareness raising initiatives; 
  • assisting in the planning and development of strategies on Child Online Protection (COP); and 
  • further enabling the host  country to develop and enhance its national cybersecurity and management capabilities. 

The first ITU Regional Cybersecurity Centre has been set up in Oman and is hosted by the Information Technology Authority (ITA) of Oman and Oman CERT. The Centre is designed to cater for the cybersecurity needs of the Arab Region. The Centre was officially launched on 3 March 2013 at the Oman National CERT in Muscat, Oman. 

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With a total investment of over US$2 million from the Oman Government and ITU, the establishment of ITU Regional Cybersecurity Centre – Oman, will play an essential role in supporting the expansion of ITU’s network globally in different regions by localising cybersecurity services and support to meet the unique needs of the 22-nation Arab Region. The Centre will also aim to be a catalyst for enhancing regional cooperation, coordination and collaboration to address escalating cyber threats. ​

We welcome interest from ITU Member States for hosting Regional Cybersecurity Centres.