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​Scope of collaboration: 
  • ImmuniWeb®   is a provider of an AI platform for web, mobile and API security testing and risk ratings. The platform leverages proprietary Multilayer Application Security Testing technology  for rapid, DevSecOps-enabled application security testing.​

Further info:  
  • ImmuniWeb is an ITU-D Sector Member​
ImmuniWeb SA is a global application security company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Serving over 1,000 enterprise customers in more than 50 countries, ImmuniWeb is committed to support sustainable development of cybersecurity industry by developing public-private partnerships with major governmental and international organizations. ImmuniWeb is an active supporter of such organizations as CyberPeace Institute and Swiss Trust Valley, national law enforcement agencies and CERTs from Europe and North America, as well as smaller regional organizations dedicated to cybersecurity awareness and suppression of cybercrime.
Within its ongoing partnership with the ITU, ImmuniWeb provides its services to the least developed countries and nations in need for cybersecurity and cybercrime investigation capacities. Additionally, ImmuniWeb’s free Community Edition provides SMEs, colleges and universities, small municipal governments and independent software engineers with a possibility to test security, privacy and compliance of their IT infrastructure at no cost and in one click:

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