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GCI 2016 Partners

​​​​​​​​Following the support expressed by Member States for the GCI at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 in Busan, Korea, the second iteration of the index is underway with, amongst other, an expanded partnership through a multi‐stakeholder approach that leverages the expertise of different organizations, with the objective of improving the quality of the GCI, instigating international cooperation and promoting knowledge exchange. 

Invitations to GCI Partners were issued to a set of organisations having significant and demonstrated experience in the area of cybersecurity. They are well  positioned to contribute to the creation of the next iteration of the GCI. 

Should your organization wish to be a partner, contact us on:

GCI Partners will provide inputs essential for the success of the GCI namely in the elaboration of the questionnaire, the preparation of weightages for each question to formulate the scoring mechanism, the provision of secondary data from their research to validate and/or complete GCI questionnaire data, and the elaboration of joint reports by region or thematics. 

A data sharing platform will be provided to all GCI Partners who therefore get access to a wealth of information relevant to measuring cybersecurity.