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The ITU 2021 Global CyberDrill

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) improves cybersecurity readiness, protection, and incident response capabilities of Member States by conducting CyberDrills at the regional and international levels. A CyberDrill is an annual event during which cyber-attacks, information security incidents, or other types of disruptions are simulated in order to test an organization’s cyber capabilities, from being able to detect a security incident to the ability to respond appropriately and minimize any related impact. Through a CyberDrill, participants are able to validate policies, plans, procedures, processes, and capabilities that enable preparation, prevention, response, recovery, and continuity of operations. 
To date, the ITU has organized more than 30 CyberDrill events around the world to enhance cybersecurity capacity and capabilities through regional collaboration and cooperation.


The 2021 Global CyberDrill tailored event sessions around four thematic concepts:  Reflect, Share, Learn and Practice.

  • Reflect: Bring together the global cybersecurity community to review major regional cybersecurity trends and consider improvements based on the five pillars of ITU Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA) and The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI). 
  • Share: Promote knowledge sharing of beneficial communication networks, and exchange funding stream resources.​

  • Learn: Build capacit​​​y for the CSIRT communities within incident response and critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP).
  • Practice: Test operational resiliency key concepts across CSIRT/CIRT/CERT community.​



Invitation letter (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish​)

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Even​t Pro​gramme​​​​


  • ​​Interregional D​ialogues: Reflect
  • Webinar Sessions: Share
  • Training Sessio​ns: Learn
  • Scenario Based Exe​r​cises​: Practice​


​The regional dialogues, webinars, and trainings were open to national CIRTs/CSIRTs, Ministries, regulators, telecommunication operators, academia and educational institutions, telecommunication equipment manufacturers, research and design institutes, software developers and other interested stakeholders of the ITU Member States, and Sector Members.
The exercises were open only for National/Governmental CIRTs/CSIRTs and each registered country be represented by one team consisting minimum of two (2) participants and maximum of four (4) participants. 

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