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Online Dialogue on the Launch of the 2020 Guidelines


On the occasion of the official release of the new 2020 ITU Guidelines on Child Online Protection (COP), ITU organised an "Online Dialogue on the Launch of the COP Guidelines & beyond" held Wednesday​ 24 June 2020 at 14:00-15:30 Geneva time. 

The high-level panel was opened by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden and included experts in the field, co-authors of the new Guidelines, country representatives and private sector stakeholders, who discussed both, the content of the new 2020 Child Online Protection Guidelines and different levels of their implementation, including national and regional approaches, as well as the private sector engagement and the concrete implementation plans of ITU and partners. Moderated by a 15-years old youth representative, the event called upon all relevant stakeholders, to engage in child online protection. 
Join us and help us make these Guidelines a reality to protect and empower children online and offline!​

 See recorded webcast.​


Within the framework of the Child Online Protection Initiative, the Online Dialogue: 2020 COP Guidelines Launch & beyond will present the new revised version of the Guidelines on Child Online Protection for policy-makers, industry, parents and educators, as well as children, firstly  issues in 2009.
The explosion of  information and communication technologies (ICTs)  has created unprecedented opportunities for children and young people to communicate, connect, share, learn, access information and express their opinions on matters that affect their lives and their communities.  But wider and more easily available access to the Internet and mobile technology also poses significant challenges to children’s safety – both online and offline.
The new 2020 Guidelines include reflections on the special situation of children with disabilities when it comes to online risks and harms as well as issues around new technological developments such as among others the Internet of things and artificial intelligence. 
The online dialogue aims at creating the opportunity for deep dive analysis and discussion on multi-stakeholder approaches  and policies  on  child online protection  and will focus on the  actual usage and implementation of the COP Guidelines at the national and regional contexts.