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GSR15 Consultation

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GSR15 consultation  -  Best practice guidelines

​The growing adoption of broadband-enabled mobile devices has made access to the digital society more ubiquitous and pervasive. Apps and m-services are empowering citizens to engage in all aspects of modern life regardless of time, distance and location. Ensuring digital inclusion and access to the tremendous opportunities offered by apps and m-services, including m-payment/banking, m-commerce, m-health, m-education, m-agriculture, and m- governance, for all has become a priority in today’s digital economy.

A consultation was launched to identify best practice guidelines on facilitating the uptake and widespread use of mobile applications and services through targeted regulation. Telecom/ICT regulators were invited to identify pro-active policy and innovative regulatory measures in the following areas:​​​

  • Stimulating demand: raising awareness about the potential of m-services and applications to achieve socio-economic opportunities by empowering citizens;
  • Facilitating use, availability and access: Identifying policy, regulatory and industry-led measures to lift regulatory and technical barriers and foster access, development and take-up of apps and m-services;
  • Protecting the users and suppliers: Identifying measures to ensure ease of use, trust, privacy and confidence as well as basic security in the use of m-services and applications taking into consideration their transnational nature;
  • Roles of ICT stakeholders: identifying the roles and responsibilities of the government, the telecom/ICT regulator, the industry and consumers to facilitate and stimulate uptake and use in a safe and secure manner.

  • The coordination on the GSR-15 best practice guidelines was led by Mr Lin Mombo President of the Regulatory Council of the Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes (ARCEP).