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New webinar series features leading minds in tech research featured image

New webinar series features leading minds in tech research

by ITU News

A new webinar series beginning on 16 March highlights the research breakthroughs reshaping our digital environment and transforming the way we experience business and daily life.

The upcoming webinars from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) feature specialist, tech-focused master classes on the likes of network-edge machine learning, the Internet of Bio-Nano Things, semantic communications, terahertz communications, and holographic telepresence.

The series is presented as part of the ITU Journal on Future and Evolving Technologies.

The journal, launched in September 2020, offers comprehensive coverage of communications and networking paradigms. It represents the latest addition to ITU’s suite of services for academia.

Free of charge for both readers and authors, the online journal welcomes research submissions on all topics, all year long.

Upcoming webinars
  • 16 March: “Machine learning at the wireless edge” with H. Vincent Poor, Princeton University, US
  • 30 March: “Edge AI networks: Challenges and opportunities” with Merouane Debbah, CentraleSupélec and TII, France and UAE
  • 20 April: “Information and communication theory with biochemical and molecular components for biological sensing and control” with Massimiliano Pierobon, Molecular and Biochemical Telecommunications (MBiTe) Lab, US
  • 11 May: “6G and the metaverse will power a holographic society” with Mischa Dohler, Ericsson, US
  • 1 June: “Semantic communications: Transmitting beyond bits” with Zhijin Qin, Queen Mary University of London, UK
  • 22 June: “Ultrabroadband communication and networking solutions to unleash the terahertz band” with Josep Miquel Jornet​, Northeastern University, US
Opportunities for research communities

ITU Academia membership and ITU Kaleidoscope conferences form two more key avenues for academics to engage in ITU’s work.

ITU Academia members can contribute to the ITU expert groups responsible for radiocommunication, standardization and development, strengthening the work of ITU as well as boosting the impact of their own research.

ITU Kaleidoscope conferences highlight research into key strategic topics for ITU-led standardization processes. The 2021 edition of the conference featured expert insights on the growing synergy between physical and virtual space and the resulting influence on art and culture.

Learn more about ITU Academia membership.

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