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ITU Journal Webinars Series

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The ITU Journal​ launched its new series of webinars to present insights and forward-looking research on future and evolving technologies. The webinars of this series feature industry leaders and highly cited professors who will share their pioneering studies and visions, as well as their impactful life lessons learned over the years. 

​​The webinars are open to anyone interested in the topics, free of charge. More information, including registration, is available on each event's website.
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23 April 2024

Machine Learning at the wireless edge
This webinar will introduce some of Prof. Qian Zhang’s work related to how to leverage the wearables and the communication medium's sensing capability to enable smart healthcare applications, ​especially focusing​ on home care scenario.

24 April 2024

Machine Learning at the wireless edge
This webinar will present T-Mobile’s innovations in 5G network that have set the company up to deliver upon aggressive targets, including new lines of business like FWA and network slicing, among others.​

30 April 2024

Machine Learning at the wireless edge
This webinar will discuss how to achieve the delicate equilibrium of deploying AI systems that can harmoniously integrate transparency, privacy, and performance requirements.​

7 May 2024

The price of distributed machine learning
This webinar will discuss the hurdles of distributed Machine Learning (ML) and how they can be solved by leveraging dynamic structures of ML models which already exists as well as techniques for the compression of ML models and input datasets.​​

4 June 2024

The price of distributed machine learning
After introducing VisionX, this webinar will highlight the importance of transmitting semantic information as opposed to raw data that is either redundant, stale or useless to a receiver to carry out a task.​​​

11 June 2024

Generative AI for local data processing
This webinar investigates the challenges of deploying generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge to enhance privacy and efficiently use network and computational resources. It addresses the challenges of implementing efficient distributed learning for generative AI applications, such as Large Language Models.​​​​

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