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ITU Journal Webinar Series

​​​​​​​​​​​​The ITU Journal​ is organizing a series of webinars to present insights and forward-looking research on future and evolving technologies.

​​The webinars are open to anyone interested in the topics, free of charge. More information, including registration, is available on each event's website. [Invitation letter​]

Watch the recordings and subscribe to the ITU Journal Webinars Series playlist on YouTube:

16 March 2022

Machine Learning at the wireless edgeThis webinar presented an overview of some results on distributed learning at the edges of wireless networks, in which machine learning algorithms interact with the physical limitations of the wireless medium.

30 March 2022

Edge Ai networks: challenges and opportunities
This webinar discussed the challenges and opportunities offered by edge AI networks to meet the demand of a new breed of intelligent devices and high-stake applications.

20 April 2022

Information and communication theory with biochemical and molecular components for biological sensing and control
This webinar discussed how information in systems that include living organisms, both natural and engineered, can be measured and its propagation can be modeled through the lenses of information and communication theory, with highlights from systems and synthetic biology, electrochemistry, and bioinformatics.

11 May 2022

6G and the metaverse will power a holographic society
This webinar discussed the emergence of holographic capabilities and the networking features needed to enable entirely novel forms of human engagements. It also discussed the relation to various branches of the metaverse, and the general impact such technology will have on the future of work and social life. 

1 June 2022

Semantic communications: transmitting beyond bits
This webinar will introduce the concept of semantic communications and will present the recent work and related potential challenges on deep learning enabled semantic communications.

22 June 2022

Ultrabroadband communication and networking solutions to unleash the terahertz bandThis webinar will present the state of the art and open challenges at the physical, link and network layers of Terahertz (THz) communication systems. It will also provide a glimpse at state-of-the-art experimental platforms for THz communication networks.​