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RR5 Table of Frequency Allocations Software

RR5 Table of Frequency Allocations Software
Year: 2018
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The RR5 Table of Frequency Allocations Software is a stand-alone application that runs on individual user's PC and requires neither network nor Internet connection. It provides a mechanism to electronically use, query and analyze the Table of Frequency Allocations and its associated footnotes, as they appear in the Article 5 of Radio Regulations. The software is equipped with various tools and utilities that allow, among others, for the tracing and comparison of the evolution of the Article 5 Main Table and its associated footnotes (from the 2001 edition) and for the extraction of the Frequency Allocations "International Plan" for a given geographic area (country).

Exceptionally for this product and RR Navigation Tool software, purchasers will be provided with a controlled access license based on their user station/ID; please allow up to 1 business day for processing. For more information, please contact us with RRX Software in subject.

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