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Registration open for technical session on global radiocommunication

World Radiocommunication Seminar to showcase how ITU Radio Regulations drive global communications

Geneva, 21 October 2022

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The biennial ITU World Radiocommunication Seminar (WRS-22) will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 24 to 28 October 2022. 

The WRS Plenary session, to be held on Monday, October 24, will be open to non-ITU members, including media. 

The one-day open session, accessible to media online, will cover radiocommunication matters that underlie how the world communicates, applications of ITU Radio Regulations and trends in various radiocommunication services. 

For more than a century, the Radio Regulations have served as the international treaty governing the global use of radio-frequency spectrum, which also includes associated satellite orbits. Understanding how to implement these regulations at the national level is critical to building robust digital ecosystems that promote access to affordable universal next-generation technologies. 

EVENT: World Radiocommunication Seminar – Opening Plenary Session
DATE: 24 October 2022
TIME: 09:30 – 17:00 CEST
LOCATION: Online participation; link provided upon registration
RSVP: Media wishing to attend via the webcast, please contact:  

Attendees to the open session will receive an introduction to the work of ITU-R Study Groups, the ITU bodies that develop the technical bases for decisions taken at World Radiocommunication Conferences and that develop global standards, reports and handbooks on radiocommunications-related matters. 

Participants will also learn about the Radio Regulations Board (RRB) and the mandates of the Radiocommunication Assembly (RA) as well as the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC), with references to the latest information from the ITU Inter-regional Workshops on WRC-23 Preparation. 

WRS-22 is an opportunity to learn about the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits, as well as the application of the provisions of the ITU Radio Regulations. Participation in the WRS-22 Workshops from 25 to 28 October is restricted to the ITU Member States, ITU-R Sector members and Associates and Academia members. 

Find more details on the WRS-22 website

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