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Collaborative and innovative approaches to regulation needed to unlock the full potential of digital technologies
15 July 2019
- ITU Global Symposium for Regulators adopts GSR-19 Best Practice Guidelines on fast-forwarding digital connectivity for all
19th Global Symposium for Regulators turns spotlight on the future of regulation
10 July 2019
- 5th-generation regulation for inclusive connectivity
Vanuatu to welcome ITU’s Global Symposium for Regulators
07 June 2019
- Collaborative, 5th-generation regulation aims at getting the remaining 49% of the world online
Revamped ITU Academy portal launched
30 May 2019
- The redesigned portal facilitates a more mobile user-friendly and secure access to ITU’s training and capacity development activities
World Radiocommunication Seminar 2018 meets in Geneva
07 December 2018
- Experts discuss regulatory aspects of radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits
New study quantifies the positive impact of broadband, digital transformation and the interplay of ICT regulation on national economies
19 October 2018
- The transformative power of ICTs is triggering positive change in the global economy
ITU Celebrates World Space Week 2018 ‘Space Unites the World’ #WSW2018
11 October 2018
- Social and economic benefits of space activities and ITU Membership’s important role highlighted
ITU global symposium for regulators highlights the importance of innovative policy and regulatory approaches to support today’s digital transformation
16 July 2018
- GSR-18 adopts Best Practice Guidelines on new regulatory frontiers
ITU global symposium examines how digital transformation is extending regulatory frontiers
09 July 2018
- Innovative policy and regulatory measures needed to respond to the evolving digital ecosystem
New regulatory frontiers for digital transformation to be examined at ITU global symposium
30 May 2018
- Media Registration now OPEN

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