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​​​​​ITU’s activities generate a multitude of documents a​​nd publications: studies, decisions, treaties, regulations, statistics and much more.  These documents tell the story of ITU's role in building international cooperation to help the world communicate and show how the organization has adapted to developments in telecommunications and information technology over its long history.​

This wealth of information is preserved by the ITU Library and Archives Service. In order to provide easier access to this treasure trove, the Library and Archives Service launched its Historical Documents Digitization Programme in 2007 to catalogue, scan, and OCR key ITU documents and publications and make them available on the web

The digitized documents are grouped together based on their purpose or the activity that created them.  They are presented in “collections” along with brief descriptions that provide explanation and context.
New items and collections will be added as they become available, so visit this site regularly!​​​​​​​​​​

This collection includes conference documents, outcome documents (treaties, agreements, etc.), lists of participants, and various other documents from many of ITU’s conferences, from 1865 to present.
This collection includes the Constitution and Convention of ITU, which are the basic legal instruments governing the Union, from 1865 to present.​                           ​​
This digital collection includes all Reports of the ​Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) to the World Radiocommunication Conference (​WRC) from 1995 to ​present.​​
This collection includes all editions of the Radio, Telegraph, Telephone, and Telecommunication Regulations issued by ITU, from 1865 to present.​ ​         ​         ​​

Rules of Procedure (IFRB / RRB) Collection ​
This collection includes all editions of the Rules of Procedure of the International Frequency Registration Board (IFRB) and the Rules of Procedure approved by the Radio Regulations Board (RRB)​, from 1965 to present.
This collection includes the statistical publications produced by the Union covering the period 1849-1967 for telegraph and telex, telephone, and radio services.                                        

This collection brings together a selection of materials that provide a historical perspective on the evolution of ITU and its areas of work.​                                             
This collection includes ITU’s Annual Report on Activities, a good source of information on the Union’s activities from year to year, from 1869 to 2001.                
This collection includes all issues of ITU's monthly journal published between 1869 and 2015. Explore the collection using a powerful search tool and high-definition document viewer.
This collection includes information and resources related to World Telecommunication Day / World Telecommunication and Information Society Day including messages from ITU's Secretary-General and event posters, from 1969 to present.​
This collection includes the Reports on Telecommunication and the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space published from 1962 to 1996.            ​                                  ​                                                     ​
This collection includes the Tables of Artificial Satellites Launched covering the period 1957-1993.