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Since 1865, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has worked to enable the growth and development of telecommunication services, networks and technology around the world.  Its activities are focused in four main areas. Each "Focus" page in this section gathers together links to a variety of digitized documents and other information related to the history of ITU's work in that domain.

Historical Highlights - ITU and Standardization: setting international standards that facilitate interoperability of equipment and systems on a worldwide basis, as well as defining tariff and accounting principles for international telecommunications services.

Historical Highlights - ITU and Radiocommunication: ensuring optimal, fair and rational use of the radio frequency spectrum and satellite-orbit resources, as well as coordinating matters related to radio communication services and wireless services.

Historical Highlights - ITU and Development: implementing programmes designed to improve telecommunication infrastructure  and capacity building in the developing world.

Historical Highlights -​ ITU Telecom: promoting knowledge-sharing and networking through an exhibition of the latest ICT technologies and a forum featuring high-level speakers from across the industry.