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GSR 2023

Artificial Intelligence

​​​​​ AI is expected to play a particularly important role in accelerating progress towards each one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Within its mandate, ITU provides a neutral platform for all stakeholders to build a common understanding of the capabilities of AI technologies, facilitating trusted, safe and inclusive development of AI technologies, and equitable access to their benefits. ​

The AI for Good Global Summit

In partnership with UN agencies, ITU is organizing the annual “AI for Good Global Summit", which aims to accelerate the development of AI solutions towards achieving the SDGs.
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Machine Learning for 5G networks

Machine Learning and 5G 1.jpg

ITU's “Focus Group on Machine Learning for Future Networks including 5G" analyzes the impact of ML on communication networks including studies on functional network architectures, data structures, interfaces, protocols and algorithms based on use cases from industry. 
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AI for Health


The ITU-T Focus Group on AI for Health works in partnership with the WHO to establish a standardized assessment framework for the evaluation of AI-based methods for health, diagnosis, triage and treatment decisions- which will assure their quality, foster the adoption in practice and have a strong positive impact on global health. 

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BBCom The Digital Health Working Group on AI in global health​ aim​s to generate knowledge on successes, challenges, and learnings from AI solutions in health.

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AI and emerging radio technologies

The fourth industrial revolution, digital economy and society, Internet of Things, connected cars and cities all depend on telecommunication networks, services and applications, and increasingly rely on radiocommunications to provide the basis for ubiquitous connectivity. ITU-R plays a vital role in this ecosystem: managing frequency spectrum and satellite orbits, as well as developing globally harmonized regulations and standards, are fundamental in order to ensure accessible affordable telecommunications to all. In doing so, artificial intelligence acts as an enabler to enhance emerging radio technologies. 

Environmental Efficiency for AI

FG-AI4EE will identify the standardization needs to develop a sustainable approach to AI and other emerging technologies including automation, augmented reality, virtual reality, extended reality, smart manufacturing, industry 5.0, cloud/edge computing, nanotechnology, 5G, among others. 

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AI for autonomous and assisted driving

Autonomous cars The FG-AI4AD supports standardization activities for services and applications enabled by AI systems in autonomous and assisted driving. 


AI for Natural Disaster Management



The ​Focus Group on AI for Natural Disaster Management (FG-AI4NDM) capitalizes on the growing interest ​and novelty of AI in the field of natural disaster management to help lay the groundwork for best practices in the use of AI for: assisting with data collection and handling, improving modelling across spatiotemporal scales, and providing effective communication.


AI Repository

Following the success of the first AI for Good Global Summit, ITU launched a global AI repository to ​identify AI related projects, research initiatives, think-tanks and organizations that can accelerate progress towards the 17 UN SDGs. The "AI Repository" is open to all and we invite anyone working in the field of AI to contribute to this resource.​