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Presentations of the TSB Director

​TSB Director ​Malcolm Johnson ​Presentation
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Presentations of Study Group Chairmen

Study Group Chairman Download
​Study Group 2 - Operational aspects of service provision and telecommunications management ​Marie-Thérèse ALAJOUANINE Presentation
Study Group 3 - Tariff and accounting principles including related telecommunication economic and policy issues Kishik PARK​ Presentation​
​Study Group 5 - Environment and climate change ​Ahmed ZEDDAM Presentation
Study Group 9 - Television and sound transmission and integrated broadband cable networks ​Arthur WEBSTER ​Presentation
Study Group 11 - Signalling requirements, protocols and test specifications Wei FENG​ Presentation
​Study Group 12 - Performance, QoS and QoE ​Charles A. DVORAK Presentation
Study Group 13 - Future networks including mobile and NGN ​Chaesub LEE Presentation
​Study Group 15 - Optical transport networks and access network infrastructures ​Yoichi MAEDA Presentation
Study Group 16 - Multimedia coding, systems and applications ​Yushi NAITO Presentation​
​Study Group 17 - Security ​Arkadiy KREMER ​Presentation