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Candidates for Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of ITU-T SGs and TSAG

In accordance with WTSA Resolution 35, the Director of TSB has issued TSB Circular 251 inviting Member States and Sector Members to nominate candidates for Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of ITU-T study groups and the Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG), and the Study Group 3 regional groups for the study period 2013-2016. The names and CVs of candidates nominated and their resource commitments are posted here as soon as they are made available.

Candidates by Member States

​Country ​Letters recommending candidates / CVs TIES Account Required Candidates​ Proposed for​
​Argentina L​etter and CVs Mr Facundo Fernández BEGNI Vice-Chairman, SG 3​​
Mr Héctor CARRIL​ Vice-Chairman, SG 5​​
​Austria Letter and CV ​Mr Martin BRAND ​Vice-Chairman, SG 11
Azerbaijan Letter and CV​ ​Mr Nazim JAFAROV ​Vice-Chairman, SG 2​
Brazil Letter and CVs ​Mr Bruno RAMOS ​Vice-Chairman, SG 2
Mr Atilio Eduardo REGGIANI ​Vice-Chairman, SG 15
​Mr Antonio GUIMARAES ​Vice-Chairman, SG 17
Cameroon Letter and CV ​​Ms Pauline TSAFAK DJOUMESSI ​​Vice-Chairman, SG3RG-AFR
Canada L​etter and CV ​Mr Bruce GRACIE​ ​Chairman, TSAG​
China L​etter and CVs Ms Weiling XU​ Vice-Chairman, TSAG​
Ms Jie ZHANG​ Vice-Chairman, SG 2​
​Mr Li XIAO​ ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 5​
Mr Dong WANG​ ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 9​
Mr Wei FENG​ Chairman, SG 11​
​Mr Feng QI ​Vice-Chairman, SG 12
Mr Heyuan XU​ ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 13​
Mr Dan LI​ Vice-Chairman, SG 15​
Mr Zhong LUO​ Vice-Chairman, SG 16​
Mr Zhaoji LIN​ Vice-Chairman, SG 17​
Côte d'Ivoire (Republic of) ​L​etter and CVs Ms Biendjui Joséphine ADOU​ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 3 and SG3RG-AFR​
​Mr Guy-Michel KOUAKOU​ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 5​
Egypt ​L​etter and CVs ​Mr Sherif GUINENA ​Chairman, SG 2​
​Mr Ahmed SAID ​Vice-Chairman, SG 3
​Mr Ahmed EL RAGHY​ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 13
​Mr Mohannad EL-MEGHARBEL ​Vice-Chairman, SG 16
France ​L​etter and CVs ​Mr Ahmed ZEDDAM ​Chairman, SG 5
​Mr Dominique WURGES ​Vice-Chairman, SG 3
​Mr ​Vincent BARRIAC ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 12
​​Mr Jamil CHAWKI ​Vice-Chairman, SG 13
​Germany Letter and CVs​ ​Mr Josef OPITZ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 5
​Mr Helmut SCHINK ​Vice-Chairman, SG 15
​Mr Harald KULLMANN ​Vice-Chairman, SG 16
Ghana Letter and CVs ​​Mr Kwame BAAH-ACHEAMFUOR ​Chairman, SG 12
​Mr Isaac BOATENG ​Vice-Chairman, SG 11
​Italy ​L​etter and CVs Mr Fabio BIGI​ Vice-Chairman, TSAG
Mr Flavio CUCCHIETTI Vice-Chairman, SG 5​​
Mr Francesco MONTALTI Vice-Chairman, SG 15
​Japan ​L​etters and CVs Mr Seiichi TSUGAWA Chairman, SG 3
Mr Yushi NAITO​ Chairman, SG 16
​​Mr Yoichi MAEDA ​Vice-Chairman, TSAG
​Mr Satoshi MIYAJI​ Vice-Chairman, SG 9
​Mr Kaoru KENYOSHI ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 11
​Mr Akira TAKAHASHI ​Vice-Chairman, SG 12
​Mr Yoshinori GOTO ​Vice-Chairman, SG 13
​​Mr Noriyuki ARAKI ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 15
Mr Koji NAKAO​ Vice-Chairman, SG 17
​Mr Yasunori MATSUDA ​Vice-Chairman, SG3RG-AO
Kazakhstan Letter and CV ​Mr Ayanzhan Shulembaevich BULDYBAYEV ​Vice-Chairman, SG 9​
Kenya Letter and CV ​​Mr Matano NDARO ​Vice-Chairman, TSAG
​Korea (Republic of) L​etter and CVs Mr Ki-Shik PARK​​ Chairman, TSAG
Mr Chae-Sub LEE​​ Chairman, SG 13
Mr Kun-Young AHN​ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 2
​​Mr Byoung Nam LEE ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 3 and Chairman, SG3RG-AO
​Mr Sam Young CHUNG ​Vice-Chairman, SG 5
​​Mr Shin-Gak KANG ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 11
​Mr Hyung-soo KIM ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 12​
​​Mr Jeong-Dong RYOO ​Vice-Chairman, SG 15
​Mr Seong-Hoo JEONG ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 16
​​Mr Heung-Youl YOUM ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 17
Lebanon Letter and CVs​ ​Mr Antoine Michel BOUSTANI ​Vice-Chairman, SG 9
​Mr Gaby DANIEL ​Vice-Chairman, SG 16
Mali Letter and CV ​Ms Fatoumata S. DICKO ​Vice-Chairman, SG 5
​Mexico ​L​etter and CVs ​Mr Horacio Villalobos TLATEMPA ​​​Vice-Chairman, SG 11
​Mr José Guadalupe Rojas RAMÍREZ ​​​Vice-Chairman, SG 12
​​Mr Mario Germán Fromow RANGEL ​​​Vice-Chairman, SG 17
​Mongolia Letter and CV ​Mr Otgonchimeg BUYANJARGAL Vice-Chairman, SG3RG-AO​
Morocco Letter and CV​ ​Mr Hassan TALIB ​Vice-Chairman, SG 12
Paraguay Letter and CVs​ ​Mr Tito LOPEZ ​Chairman, SG3RG-LAC
Mr ​Victor MARTINEZ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 5
Russian Federation ​L​etter and CVs Mr Arkadiy KREMER​ Chairman, SG 17
​Vladimir MINKIN ​Vice-Chairman, TSAG
Mr Alexandr YAKOVENKO​ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 3
Mr Dmitry TARASOV ​ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 11
Mr Konstantin TROFIMOV​ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 13
Mr Oleg MIRONNIKOV​ Vice-Chairman, Standardization Committee for Vocabulary (SCV)
Saudi Arabia Letter and CVs ​Mr Abdullah AL-MUBADAL ​Vice-Chairman, SG 2​
​Mr Tariq ALAMRI ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 5​
​Mr Fahad ALFALLAJ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 15​
​​Senegal Letter and CV​ ​Mr Saliou TOURE ​Chairman, SG3RG-AFR
South Africa Letter and CV​ ​Mr Ntsibane NTLAPLAPA ​Vice-Chairman, SG 16
Sudan Letter and CVs​ ​​Mr Gamal Amin ELSAYED ​Vice-Chairman, SG 12​
​Mr Mohamed Mohamed Khair Almobark ELHAJ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 17
​​Sweden Letter and CV​ ​Ms Jane HUMPHREY ​​Chairman, SG 11
Switzerland ​L​etter and CV Mr Leo LEHMANN​​ Vice-Chairman, SG 13
​Tanzania ​L​etter and CV Mr James KILABA​​ Vice-Chairman, SG 2
​Mr Raynold MFUNGAHEMA ​Vice-Chairman, SG 3
Togo Letter and CV​ ​Mr Abossé AKUE-KPAKPO ​Chairman, SG3RG-AFR
Trinidad and Tobago ​L​etter and CV Ms Cynthia REDDOCK-DOWNES​ Vice-Chairman, SG3RG-LAC
​Tunisia ​L​etter and CV Mr Slaheddine MAAREF​ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 13
Turkey ​Letter and CV ​Mr Kemal Sacid SARIKAYA ​Vice-Chairman, SG 17
Uganda Letter and CVs​ ​Mr Simon BUGABA ​Vice-Chairman, SG 13
​​Mr Patrick MWESIGWA ​Vice-Chairman, SG 17
Ukraine Letter and CV​ ​Mr Viktor Katok ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 15
United Arab Emirates Letter and CV​​ ​Mr Mohammad GHEYATH ​​Vice-Chairman, TSAG
​Mr Saif BIN GHELAITA ​Vice-​Chairman, SG 2
​Mr Nasser ALMARZOUQI ​Vice-Chairman, SG 5
​Mr Mohamed AL RAMSI ​Vice-Chairman, SG 13
​​Mr Khalid BELHOUL ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 17​
United Kingdom ​L​etter and CVs ​Mr Phil RUSHTON​ ​Vice-Chairman, SG 2
​Mr Keith DICKERSON​ Vice-Chairman, SG 5
​Mr Paul BARRETT​ Vice-Chairman, SG 12
​Mr Ghani ABBAS​ Vice-Chairman, SG 15
United States of America L​etter and CVs​ ​​Mr Arthur WEBSTER ​Chairman, SG 9
​​​Mr Steve TROWBRIDGE ​Chairman, SG 15​
​​Mr Richard STUART ​Vice-Chairman, TSAG
​​Mr Leslie MARTINKOVICS ​Vice-Chairman, SG 3
​Mr Al MORTON ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 12
​​Ms Huilan LU ​Vice-Chairman, SG 13
​Ms Monique MORROW ​Vice-Chairman, SG 13
​​Mr Paul JONES ​​Vice-Chairman, SG 16
Uzbekistan Letter and CV​ ​Mr Khusan ISAEV ​Vice-Chairman, SG 16

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