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ITU and UAE are hosting a showcasing to shed light on the current state-of-the-art of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The showcasing will take place in parallel to GSS and WTSA-12, at Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE, 19-23 November 2012.

GSS and WTSA assemble influential ICT players, ranging from governments and regulators to private-sector entities and academic institutions. Exhibitors will thus be afforded a high-powered audience; one making crucial strategic decisions on the direction of the global ICT industry. ITU expects to receive over 800 participants at these events, stemming from ITU’s membership of 193 countries, over 700 private-sector organizations and over 30 academic and research institutions.

Background on GSS and WTSA

GSS: A one-day, high-level symposium to discuss global standardization challenges, with particular emphasis on bridging the standardization gap. Held the day prior to the opening of WTSA-12, GSS will gather ministers, regulators, CEOs and CTOs to discuss the issues most pressing to global communications; thereby producing vital input to WTSA.

WTSA: The main decision making body of ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) which meets every four years to define ITU-T’s next period of study. ICT standards are a fundamental element of ICT infrastructures and WTSA-12 will point to areas in need of the interoperability offered by ITU’s international standards. WTSA also reviews ITU-T’s structure and working methods, ensuring an ITU-T organizational structure able to best serve the needs of governments and industry.


The showcasing will be held near the entrance of the WTSA-12 meeting room, where participants will have coffee during breaks in the conference. The showcasing area is approximately 150 m2 and is expected to accommodate no more than 10 exhibitors.

Exhibitors will not be charged for floor space, but are responsible for all other costs relating to their showcasing (stand design/construction, device rental, internet connectivity, etc., supplied by designated/recommended providers).


Opportunities to showcase are limited. Interested parties are invited to email ITU (, requesting permission and indicating the surface-area of their planned showcasing.

ITU will acknowledge receipt of a request, confirm acceptance if it is accepted, assign stands to each exhibitor, and inform the stand-construction company designated by UAE. The designated stand-construction company will contact exhibitors to discuss requirements unique to each showcase, thereby proposing/negotiating contracts with each exhibitor on the provision of this stand-construction service.


The exhibitor is liable for any loss or damage suffered by a stand or its furnishings, regardless of the cause. Exhibitors are therefore advised to insure all rented objects, equipment or persons; at their discretion, as they deem appropriate.


Invoices will be issued by a designated stand-construction company and payments are to be made to that company. 100% of Rental Fee is due up-front, at the signing of the service contract.