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Invitation Letters


In order to ensure the timely translation and thorough consideration by delegations of documents submitted to WTSA-12, please email your proposals no later than 6 November 2012 to

Proposals on WTSA Resolutions and ITU-T A-series Recommendations should be based strictly on texts available here with the right style template.

Document distribution

Preparatory documents for WTSA 12:
  1. Reports on the work of each of the study groups;
  2. Report on the activities of the Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG);
  3. Reports by the Director of TSB;
  4. Reports on any matters considered necessary in the light of the ITU Constitution and Convention and Council decisions.
There is an electronic notification service that can inform when new documents have been posted. Details of how to subscribe to this notification service are available here.

It is strongly recommended to use electronic working methods. Paper copies can be downloaded and printed from the WTSA-12 website in advance. The Secretariat will send a maximum of two paper copies for Member States and one copy for Sector Members via postal mail if so requested by completing the Request for preparatory documents in paper form and returning it to TSB before 15 May 2012.

If requested by the Focal Point paper copies of documents issued during WTSA-12 will be distributed on site, limited to a maximum of two copies for Member States delegations and one copy for Sector Member and other organizations’ delegations.

A wireless LAN will be available to access all documents online during the Assembly. In order to obtain electronic access to documents of the Assembly and also to benefit from the electronic notification service, it is necessary to have a TIES account. Please see for TIES registration information.

Please be reminded that addresses by heads of delegation will be published in the original language(s) and as electronic documents only, on the WTSA-12 website, and noted by the Plenary.

Gaining access to the electronic version of the documents

This information is aimed at helping users of the ITU website to take full advantage of the services offered by the ITU Document Management System (ITU DMS), concerning documents.​