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Access to Documents


Gaining access to the electronic version of the documents

This information is aimed at helping users of the ITU website to take full advantage of the services offered by the ITU Document Management System (ITU DMS), concerning documents.

1. Gaining access to the electronic version of the conference documents

The electronic versions of the Assembly documents are available on the ITU-T WTSA-12 website, at the following location:

Documents are listed in reverse order along with their source, reception date and title: wtsa12info-Fig1.png

Details about each document are available, comprising eventual revisions, addenda, corrigenda, and the different language versions. Each version can be downloaded by clicking on the corresponding link.


2. Keeping track of recent document additions

A list of recent document additions is available along with the posting date and time, allowing users to keep track of new documents availability: wtsa12info-Fig3.png

RSS feeds are also available at the following location: wtsa12info-Fig4.png

3. Downloading multiple documents at once

In each document list it is possible to select multiple documents using the checkboxes on the left side or the "Check All" button at the bottom. Then the selected documents can be packed into a “zip file” to be downloaded at once, using the "Zip and Download" button.

The zip file is automatically created from:
  • the selected documents;
  • any existing addenda and corrigenda; and
  • associated html pages (similar to the ITU web pages)
in the chosen languages and formats.


The user has the option to select the formats and languages to be downloaded.

4. Laptop synchronization with the ITU website

The World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-12) Sync Application allows Delegates to synchronize WTSA-12 documents from the ITU servers to their local (Windows) laptop drive. It has been configured to access the ITU Server in Geneva and synchronize on demand to the latest published documents.

You will get along with the selected documents, up-to-date html web pages (with local links) allowing easy navigation among the documents on the laptop.

The application with its documentation can be downloaded from the following page: