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Joint Coordination Activity on Software-Defined Networking (JCA-SDN)


The establishment of the Joint Coordination Activity on Software-Defined Networking (JCA-SDN), has been approved by ITU-T TSAG in June 2013. Mr Takashi Egawa (NEC, Japan) was appointed as the Chairman and Ms Ying Cheng (China Unicom, China) as the vice chair of JCA-SDN. Since its establishment JCA-SDN had TSAG as its parent group. Since June 2015, JCA-SDN reports its progress to SG13. JCA-SDN was confirmed for continuation till the end of 2017 by the SG13 (February 2017 meeting) and TSAG (May 2017 meeting). In addition, Ms Ying Cheng (China Unicom) took the Chairman's position in this group from February 2017.

JCA-SDN is open to ITU Members and designated representatives of relevant Standards Development Organizations and Forums. Its first meeting was scheduled on 11 November 2013 in Kampala, Uganda.

Last meeting of JCA-SDN took place on the 9 November 2017. It ceased its activities having reached the end of its lifetime. The main output of the group, SDN standards roadmap, was entrusted for maintenance to the JCA-IMT2020.

For additional information on SDN: ITU SDN portal

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