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ITU Focus Group on metaverse (FG-MV)

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Recently, metaverse has become one disruptive area of innovation with great potential to change our economy, way of living and communicating and society. In this nascent phase of the metaverse, the industry has not converged towards common terms and definitions. The metaverse concept has attracted considerable public attention.

The ITU Focus Group on metaverse was established under TSAG on 16 December 2022. The group will analyse the technical requirements of the metaverse to identify fundamental enabling technologies in areas from multimedia and network optimization to digital currencies, Internet of Things, digital twins, and environmental sustainability. 

It will also provide a collaboration platform for dialogue, for identifying stakeholders with whom ITU-T could collaborate, and for enabling the inclusion of non-members to contribute to the techni​cal pre-standardization work. The Focus Group work will be enriched with the identification of relevant use cases.

The FG-MV Workplan​ including the FG-MV structure, the list of deliverables along with information concerning the designated Chairs and Vice-chairs for the Working Groups (WGs) and Task Groups (TGs) is available here

Participation in the Focus Group is open to any interested stakeholder willing to contribute — to sign up, please join our mailing list!

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